Many of you may look at this article and decide you don’t need to read it. I’m a safe driver, why do I care about this stuff! Well it may be true, you may just be the safest driver ever, but it doesn’t mean that those around you are safe. It is important that you know what to do before the accident, and after the accident, as well. Mirror Finish Detail –

First thing that is important to do, when you are driving a rental car, is be sure that you are insured. Although you may be covered through your Credit Card Company and insurance company, it is good to find just how much coverage you have before renting the vehicle. It is also a wise investment to take the additional insurance, if you feel that you are not fully covered by the previous two. Most of the time this additional insurance will coast you as little as ten dollars a day, but it can really save you money in the long run should anything happen.

If an accident should occur you should call the police immediately. Do not leave the scene of the accident and try to keep the car was it was at the time of impact. After you have phoned the police you should then contact the rental company and inform them of what happened. When speaking to the rental company never admit fault, and you should also never offer to pay for damages or agree to settle with the other driver without consent from the rental company.

Any information that is relevant to the accident, from repair receipts to the police report, should be copied so that you can save one set for yourself and hand one to the rental company. You will also need to cooperate with the insurance company and give them any information that will assist them with settling their claim.

Your insurance company and credit card company also need to be notified, if you are relying on the coverage that they are providing. These companies will also require all the documentation that was accumulated due to the accident. You will also want to stay in communication with all companies so that you are aware of bills that you will be responsible for.

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